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                            BIRD OBSERVING IN ALADAG
Caspian Snowcock , Chukar Partidge , Golken Eagle , Lammergale , Wallcreeper , Syron Woodpecker , Ped-Fronted Serin , Crimson-Winged Finch , Snowfinch, Eurasion Hoopoe ,  

         You can observe a lot of bird species in Aladag such as Caspian Snowcock which are rare in the world. Moreover, you have the possibility to see other animals such as fallow deer, rabbit, wolf, fox and others as observing birds. To observe the mentioned birds, you should come in Spring or Autumn.

                                     OBSERVATION PROGRAMME

Day 1 - To observ Caspian Snowcock and others, it is reached to Arpalik Plateau which has 2400 m altitude and birds are observed for 2-3 hours just after a short voyage by tractor about 90 min. after a light breakfast at 03:00 a.m. When finishing the observations in this plateau, everbody goes to Cimbar valley and also observes the birds in this valley, after all observations finished, everbody comes to Safak Pension by tractors or jeeps and gets their breakfasts, and then resting follows the breakfast.

Day 2 -
To observ other bird species in Emli valley and forest, it is reached to the observation area after a 45 min. journey by tractor or jeep just after the breakfast about 07:00-08:00 a.m. After the observations for about 3-4 hours, everbody returns back to the pension.

Day 3 -
Maden Plateau, after the breakfast in the morning, it is reached to mines and springs after a 90 min. journey passing Demirkazik and Pinarbasi villages by tractor; when finishing the observations of birds about 2-3 hours, everbody returns back to the pension by tractor.

Day 4 -
Bird Paradise, it is reached to Sultan marchy and then to Ovacik (Bird Paradise) about 07:00 a.m. after the breakfast by minibus or jeep just in 90 min.; all birds of passages are observed for 3-4 hours by circling around the lake and everybody returns back to the pension.

The observations are done by the help of bird guides who know English and German in pension. Transportations are done between Kayseri, Adana, Ankara Airport and Cukurbag village in case of demands.
Following materials will be provided by observers: Gloves ,Raincoat ,Conical hat ,Cap ,Jumper ,Binoculars ,Telescope

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